Multi-Platform engine development

We have been working on our in-house engine since 2011. Our Multi-Platform engine is optimized for speed and based around the use of the Blender 3D toolkit.

Immersive Gaming

We focus on developing immersive games developed for dedicated and/or niche audience. We are always experimenting with new projects to keep fresh!

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Quick website update

Apparently the website had problems with the font rendering on Windows due to some incompatibility of Windows with the used font rendering engine, so we changed to a more default font to fix this issue.

MassiveEngine presentation on Blender Conference 2011 (28-29-30)

With great joy we can announce that we will be giving a presentation on Blender Conference 2011 about our MassiveEngine. We will talk about how the engine functions, current and future features, do a realtime showcase of a early tech demo and of we will talk about our Blender3D integration. We are using the magnificent […]

Working on new product!

Since the beginning of this year, we have been working on a new version of the Massive Engine, but also on a new game! We are currently preparing a official press announcement which will be released this summer. Keep an eye on the twitter or the news page for more information. Gronos is also officially […]

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Multi-Platform immersive gaming!

When we say PC, we deliver for PC: FreeBSD, Linux, Mac OSX, Windows. We are always looking for other platforms and opportunities!