PC: FreeBSD, Mac OSX, Linux (arm and x86), Windows and more to come!

Optimized for speed

Written in C++ and C where needed, Modern OpenGL based (3.3+) with a optional legacy 2.1 renderer.

The fastest workflow

Imports .blend files directly from the amazing Blender 3D modeling software, no external resource, animation or map editors needed.

Designer/Programmer compatible

Due to the use of our meActors configuration language, programmers and artists can finaly work together instead of blaming each other for mistakes.

Using the best libraries available

The MassiveEngine uses the best open source libraries available to compliment it. Ogre, Bullet, MyGUI, ENet, Protobuf, OpenHMD among others.

Modern rendering

When using our Ultima-Lux render pipeline, we utilize modern rendering techniques and shaders such as deferred rendering and global illumination techniques.

Multiplayer support

Yes, quite.

Industry grade physics

Of course we are utilizing the amazing Bullet physics engine.

Virtual Reality

Thorworks is contributor of the OpenHMD project, a agnostic software library that supports multiple Vritual Reality devices. This allows us to support devices like the Occulus Rift, but also alternatives from all available vendors.

Fueled by experience and frustration

Frustration leads to action, the MassiveEngine is created as in house engine to solve all issues we found with existing game engine solutions.