MassiveEngine support for Oculus Rift

We are very happy to announce that we have completed full Oculus Rift integration in the MassiveEngine for all current supported platforms (Linux, Mac OSX and Windows)
With this integration, we can provide Oculus support for all projects developed on the MassiveEngine without any hassle.
Due to the Multi-Platform nature, and the possibility of other head mounted displays appearing in the future, we chose to use the Open-Source OpenHMD library which allows us to support every platform and HMD device possible.

Scene development can be done in Blender as usual and does not need special camera setups or adaptations to use the Oculus.
We are currently experimenting with different Oculus Rift game concepts and exploring the options to use this for our future projects.

For information about OpenHMD please visit http://www.openhmd.net